Sunday, July 19, 2009

My future is too bright...

Finally got the courage to wear more than one bright primary at a time. Straight from the pages of Alice's blog.

Thrifted Calvin Klein Cardigan. Gap tee.
Self made skirt (from men's button up). $ store ripped tights. Thrifted shoes, Flea market necklace.


Anonymous said...

i love how youre not afraid to put bright colors together
gorgeous darling!

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calivintage said...

yes yes i like this very much! you're so fun and creative! ;)

Mary said...

This is absolute perfection. Whenever I feel as if I'm falling into a fashion funk, I look at your blog for inspiration :)

Anonymous said...


I swear, I adore you.

J.Marie said...

i love how you put the outfit together! very cute! & how did you make the skirt cause i'm dying to change one of my menswear button ups into a skirt!=]

Didi said...

I love the colors and the ensemble! Keep it up.


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