Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Uniform Project.

This is so great! I love the idea, and all the different outfits. Inspring, since I'm trying to shop my closet more and shop less. She's making me wish it was actually a little cooler so that I could utilize my arsenal of tights...

For more check it out here!


Anonymous said...

these are gorgeous!!!! darling, just lovely
thanks for the beautiful inspiration

check out my blog @

Tessies Hearts said...

lovely! I wanna wear bright tights now!

nicola xx

Krystal said...

I checked out this blog a little while ago and have been addicted to checking back everyday, just to see what she comes up with next. So great! And a good cause to boot! Lovely blog by the way. :)

SOBALLIN said...

these are all so cute


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