Sunday, July 12, 2009

My baby's on the level.

Grace and I walked around Vancouver the whole day before the Jazz Festival, and I managed to squeeze in both a daytime and nighttime outfit. We made a stop at the Vancouver Public Library, which I had never been too. It's about 8 levels, and if you have even a mild interest in books, it's totally worth checking out. It was amazing, I could live there.
And yes that is a fascinator in my hair. I'm super proud: I made out of Dollar Store feathers, felt and a haircomb. Yes for broke inspiration!

Thrifted jacket, romper, shoes, sunglasses. Random tank top.
Handmade feather fascinator. ChicReward ring.


jacklyn said...

i so love yur style:)

Biru said...

you have a great smile! by the way, I also love the sac dress you made, really cute and simple :D


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