Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cirque 21!

Ok, so I used to have the biggest love affair with F21...
Then it began getting more trendy and cheaper quality, and we had a falling out.
Slowly but surely, it's winning me back over, if not with the clothes, than at least all the ideas from their styling. Take for example the latest collection, "Cirque 21" from Forever 21 Twist. Almost every single outfit is like something out of my dress up dreams.
Tulle, polka dots, headpeices, ruffles!!! Even the model's hair is like my old haircut.
Most of the outfits can be replicated with peices from my closet too :)
I feel many a circus themed outfit coming this way!


SOBALLIN said...

second and third from the top (right) are nuts. I like the dress she's wearing under the red cardigan.

bottom left is sweet too.

and yeah this is like all stuff I would NOT be surprised to see you in LOL.

L.T. said...

MM I love foreer 21. The prices are always great =)


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