Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cat in the Hat.

Clearly, he's my style mentor.
Made this skirt last next goal is to make this.

Outfit Cardi: Value Village
Shirt: Value Village
Skirt: Handmade by Me!
Boots: Value Village
Necklace: AE


maverickandlove said...

ahhh i just saw that outfit below---- I AM SO CRAZY OVER IT omg. TO DIE FOR> make me that skirt... even though it was thrifted haha... i love it and i love that you added the bow! so adorable!!!!!!!

maverickandlove said...

and sorry to comment again- i just saw like all of your outfit posts- and almost every outfit has a thrifted piece--- where is it that you live (you dont have to tell me the town... just like the state) because all the thrift stores in new york, where i used to live were so expensive and never found anything as cute as you do!

Alice said...

I'm in love with that black&white skirt! Realy lovely! :)


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