Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blog Backlog.

Somehow, in the midst of University, 2 jobs and getting ready to move/back in the swing of a routine...
my blog has fallen about 4 days behind.

Here's Monday.

Went to 50% day at the Bellingham, WA Value Village with my best friend Katie and my little sister. Found a black and white gingham shirt (which I've wanted forever), fabric anddddd a royal blue blazer... all for under $9.

Say hello to my new $4 slouchy boots! They'll be on here a LOT as the weather gets colder.

Outfit Sweater: Value Village, Tee: Work, Skirt: Thrifted,
Socks: The Bay, Boots: Thrifted

Anddd Tuesday.

Went to Canadian 50% off day at Value Village. Got more fabric
(a vibrant purple woolish fabric, which I think I'll make a vest out of), a seersucker dress that I need to shorten and a cute little kerchiefy scarf thingy. $5.50 for everything! =D

Outfit Dress: Value Village, Scarf: Thrifted, Shoes: Gap

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