Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Perfect 10.

I think I may have perfected the blogger crumple pose...?

ps. It was almost 30 degrees today...I never thought I'd want cold to come (back) BUT right now I'm like "UGH, Sunshine...why are you sooo beautiful and always in my face? Keeping me warm..."

Outfit Cardi: VV
Dress: Suzy Sheir
Boots: Thrift
Socks: AE


Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Super adorable--it's a really great "fall" outfit for transition weather. :)

karla deras said...

aw lydia! you're so cuteeee!

maverickandlove said...

the print on the dress is so adorable! great outfit!

cavaan said...

thank you!!!
i think i've seen you on lookbook? <33


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