Saturday, September 6, 2008


I think everyone on campus thinks I'm nuts.
Which I find amusing.
The funny thing is, I never find what I'm wearing weird.
Anyways, there were stares a plenty today.

Outfit Shirt: 50% Off Back To School Sale
at Salvation Army
, Skirt: Thrifted,
Bow: Target, Belt: Thrifted,
Shoes: Walmart


ashleigh said...

just found your blog! hoorah :) you're gorgeous.

Marian said...

hon,once you feel good in it and your happy thats all that matters. KEEP DOING YOU.the world needs more leaders and less cookie cutter followers. i love bold swing by my blog and say hi

p.s loving your shirt

Anonymous said...

lyd you've been looking adorable lately, really. and im relieved ot hear from ur txts thats theres some other potential at UCFV for style...UBC has hundreds of wonderfully dressed individuals...its dreadful and wonderful all at once.

Anonymous said...

I think ur amazing! where do u thrift at??


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