Thursday, May 8, 2014

#TBT: Six Years And Counting.

Six years ago today, I wrote the innaugural post of Style is Style in my parents basement. What started as a slightly obsessive hobby has turned into a source of community, inspiration and an online "home" of sorts. I'm grateful to have this space to fangirl over street style photos and bloggers, fawn over collections, rant about the more bothersome aspects of my life and just to talk to like-minded folks. This blog has lasted much longer than I expected it to; somehow it's become one of my longest relationships. I have you to thank for that.

As far as my style, the evolution has been gradual. Some elements never change; I was wearing patterned collared shirts back in 2008 and the collection has only exponentially expanded since. Other things change drastically; after swearing to never wear pants again, I've recently found myself in a sea of jeans. I've learned to never say never...since I (almost) always eat my words. Oops.

Surprisingly, this blog has been the catalyst for many of the major changes over the past six years of my life. Moving to Vancouver, going to fashion school and subsequently pursuing a career in fashion; I wouldn't have done any of it if it hadn't been for a realization that perhaps my little dreams were not quite as impossible as I thought. Having a safe space encouraged me to open up about my body image issues, self-esteembeauty and even to come out. It's not to say that the work is done; I'll always be working on my relationship with my body/mental health/self-esteem.  But I don't think I would have grown this much without this space, a space in which I knew I was safe to speak honestly and truthfully. Essentially, I want you to know that I frickin' love you guys. I'm a corny sap, and I love you. Thanks for sticking around and putting up with me; hopefully I can offer half as much as you've given me.



Margot Meanie said...

Wow, Congrats on six years!! I just started blogging last fall, but only found your blog in the last 6 weeks, but I totally dig your style and wish I had found it sooner.

This community is pretty freakin amazing and I love all the support & inspiration you get! I love constantly findng new sources for motivation & inspiration!

margot meanie

Lauren Bradberry said...

Congratulations, that is quite an achievement! You are one of my favorite bloggers ever! Hope you keep it up for many years to come! :)

Kstylick said...

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