Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wandering Limbs.

A balmy eve with Kate and Emily, an evening well spent.

Thrifted jacket, tee, skirt, shoes | Gifted sunglasses


frauherz said...

great denim jacket :) lovely outfit!

Taylor Farnsworth said...

 I really love your denim jacket... seriously, I'm thinking about diy-ing something similar, as I am quite polka dot obsessed! Cute look!

Abigail said...

I love the way you mixed those patterns. Jacket is to die for.

Gazel said...

WHAT?! That jacket is thrifted? Such an awesome find! :D
Love the outfit.

Dan Jian said...

great denim jacket :) lovely outfit!

Kelly Lauren said...

ohhh, girl, your print mixing is on point!


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