Monday, March 28, 2011

You're The Only One That Knows.

Things are quite crazy around here! School is kicking my butt! A midterm last week, two this week, and 3 major projects in three weeks... I apologize for the lack of updates, I will try my best to resume to normal posting by Thursday. I've got lots of outfit posts archived! Until then, you can count on my tumblr for current inspiration!


Miriam said...

School has been kicking my butt too! Good luck with your projects :D Are you going to Blanche MacDonald? I was looking at a picture gallery on their website and I thought I saw you in one of the photos!
Love the shoes .GIF, so cool!
M xo

Q's Daydream said...

Good luck with school!

Anonymous said...

Where are those gorgeous brown shoes from - the pair with the grey socks! I want!

Anonymous said...

Love these, I hope school treats you well!

Sara said...

That last photo is very cool!

Kelly Lauren said...

right there with you on the school thing - SO Busy and have outfits back logged like crazy! I may never get to them all! love those shoes in the second to last pic, and I hope you get through school OK and rock those tests and projects! I am glad to be following your tumblr, now, too!

Unknown said...

Love the last picture! COOL!


Anonymous said...

such a great post!
love the last pic!


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