Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Little Joy.

I was ecstatic to find this hot pink blazer at my favourite thrift store. Seriously, every time I go, I find gems that somehow haven't been snapped up by other thrift hounds. It's totally gratifying, but I'm scared for the day it's discovered by vintage pickers! Ah well, until then I'll be reaping the bounty.

I had a very short (but very appreciated) break from school three weeks ago. I spent the two days I had off in Abbotsford, visiting my sweetheart of a beau. It was quiet, and perfect.

Thrifted blazer, blouse, dress (worn as a skirt), boots.
Joe Fresh tights.


noel said...

whoa! that is one hot blazer. i love it! and you styled it perfectly with the polka dots.

Miranda said...

AWESOME blazer, I love it with this outfit!


FutureLint said...

The hot pink is so fun and I love the exaggerated collar on the shirt!

Miriam said...

That blazer is so lovely, it's perfect with the polka-dotted dress-as-a-skirt!
Glad to hear you had a nice weekend, quiet and relaxing ones are the best :)
M xo

bestie said...

PERFECT outfit, I want to copy it! Hahaiming

pristan said...

LOVE YOUR STYLE!!! :) the blazer is perfect. keep rocking girl!

Prissy said...

I love the contrast of the pink blazer with the black/white polka dots!! FAB!! This reminds me that I need a hot pink plazer. It is going to be FIERCE for summer!!!


April said...

AMAZING blazer!


Rebecca Jane said...

The colour of that blazer is pretty darn perfect!


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