Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Better To Bask In Each Other.

I first spotted this Gap Skirt way back in October. At the time it was full price and wayyyyy out of my budget, but I couldn't help but be smitten with the color and detailing. I had forgotten all about it, then Erin posted an adorable outfit with said skirt. Imagine my surprise when I wandered to the Gap and found it, in my size, on sale for $15! I have to keep from wearing it constantly....

In other news, I love love love these over the knee socks from H&M. Finally found a pair that's actually over the knee, yippee!

Also, Visual Basic featured me on her blog, and did some super cute sketches of yours truly! It is pretty much the coolest thing ever, thanks again Visual Basic!

Thrifted mini hat, blazer.
Gap pleated skirt.
Gift from Kate blouse.
H&M knee high socks.
Dollar Store sheer tights.
Aldo leather heels.


Afternoon Tea Dance said...

That skirt is lovely, such a nice colour! :)

Miriam said...

That skirt is so lovely, it's awesome when that happens! Serendipity? It was meant to be yours, and at a reasonable price!
I love the little straw hat, what a great idea!
I have a hard time finding ACTUAL over-the-knee socks too. I finally found good ones at Spring, but all the other ones I've found were more like cut-your-knee-in-half socks, not good! Haha ;)
M xo

Unknown said...

That skirt is fantastic!
I always love your shoes, too.

685 said...

aw this is just perfect on you! such a cheerful color and shape, what a great deal.

Adrianna Traxler said...

that pleated skirt is perfection...the color looks amazing on you. Love the whole look!

Rachel said...

The skirt is lovely; great colors, and the pleating is awesome!

A work of Art said...

love the colors!!!!

yo said...

I love these lovely skirt

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this outfit on so many levels. Can we talk about how amazing you are. You are. You're absolutely amazing :)

little petite said...

Such a beautiful color...of the skirt. And I am loving pleats right now! The blazer looks great layered over the skirt.

Rebecca Jane said...

I love the skirt! Totally great you were able to find it for such a steal. I love when that happens.


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