Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh, Old Habits Die Hard.

Charles Anastase is definitely a perinennal favorite. I have plans to post all of my favourites from his AW2011 collection but this post is about a certain look. Yes, the collared shirt under a schoolgirl dress (using the term schoolgirl dress loosely) is pretty classic, but I have been inspired by several incarnations of it lately. Seems like that modish, 1960's feel is back in full swing, and I, for one, feel like wearing it every single day. Much like a uniform. The dress/blouse combos are endless...

pictures: thefashionspot, karla's closet, le blog de sushi, the clotheshorse


Rachel said...

I adore the dress in the third picture down! Incredible!

Catherine said...

...when you've got a sentimental heart? I love She & Him!

These are all wonderful - I've been wanting to try this combo for so long, but I don't have many dresses/blouses to choose from.


Anonymous said...

The third dress is amazing. aah.

J.Ashley said...

love the first picture



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