Sunday, March 13, 2011

Maybe In Magazines, But You'll Still Be My Star.

I'm not sure I'm in love with this whole collection, I've got a major problem with the flatform shoes....That being said, Samantha Pleet's latest offering has several pieces that I'm admiring.

pictures: Elle


Rachel said...

The colors and patterns are really different! It really is a unique collection. :D

JBriggs said...

that first coat is sooo cool, i kinda want it lol i guess my parents will dislike me more lol!

Miriam said...

Flatforms weird me out too. Love the clothing though, such rich colours!
M xo

Honor said...

I love everything shown here, it's a shame both my purse and wardrobe won't stretch that far :(

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

I hate flatforms, too. Just the word makes me cringe, aside from how ugly they are. Sometimes trends I don't like grow on me, but I don't think that one will.

My grandmother just gave me two capes in the same style as the one in the first photo. The gray one looks exactly like that one except that it has a fur collar. I think it's from the 60s. Everything comes around again, doesn't it? Guess what I'll be wearing next fall, and maybe this year if we have any cold snaps.


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