Friday, October 8, 2010

The Templeton.

Breakfast at the Templeton with one of my favourite guys.
The Templeton was adorable. Jukeboxes at every table!
Adam is a great friend, always up for anything (we've been known to spend hours shopping, and we always seem to find the best things together!). He just moved into the city, only 5 blocks away from us!
I get the feeling you will be seeing more of him around here.

PS. does anyone have size 8.5 feet? I bought these gorgeous Jeffrey Campbell shoes, but alas, they are half a size too big! I am willing to sell them for $15 + shipping! They are barely worn, and I have lots of pictures.
Just send me an email (it's listed on my blog sidebar) if you interested.

Thrifted JC shoes, dress.
Joe Fresh tights. Self made feather fascinator.


callie said...

Love these pictures! You look adorable! Cute shoes but I'm a size 8 too. :/


Unknown said...

that food looks amazing and so do you :) i love that dress on you! i wish i was an 8.5 but i'm more like an 7.5-8!

Sophie Megan said...

I love the collar on this dress, it really makes it stand out!

That restaraunt looks so cute I wish we had things like that here.

Loves xx

Anonymous said...

adore your dress!!

Anonymous said...

adore your dress!!

Unknown said...

Dude... why haven't we gone to The Templeton? :'(

Also, you look cutie cutie cute forever! You and Adam are such wonderful peas in a pod.


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