Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Print Mixing.

I was positively giddy in this outfit!
I guess I enjoy a little clashing once in a while?
Been wearing lipstick a lot lately, this one is from Revlon, and goes on like a dream.
I feel like a lady when I've got my lipstick on...does the same thing happen to you guys?

PS: Thanks to Janelle including me on her blog!
She does a feature called Magic Mondays, where a blogger submits a photo that is "magical" to them.
Rebecca of The Clotheshorse was last week's, I really loved her post!
I'm excited for more of this.

Thrifted shirt, skirt, belt.
Joe tights. BDG oxfords.
Self made hair wreath.


Louise said...

I'm a little giddy about your outfit myself! You look fantastic- I like how you put a little unexpected pop of gray in the mix as well.

bunneh said...

Your hair wreath is SO cute. How'd you make it? c:

Jennifer Dawn said...

Love this look! Great pattern mixing, tights, shoes! Perfect :)


Rebecca Jane said...

I am loving your mixture of dots and plaid - such a great combination!

Wangari said...

Great print mixing, the outfit is very cute :) I'm also starting to wear lipstick a lot more, and yes I also feel like a lady when I wear it, haha!

Marble$ said...

That's just a delightful outfit.

Kelly Lauren said...

you are far too cute. I need me a polka dot top! Btw, great job on that floral headband!! It looks amazing. reminds me of my flower hat thingie majig! =)


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