Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The House of Harlow.

Dinner at an Indian restaurant for my friend's birthday.
The food was so very delicious, I wish I could eat it every day!
This ring was a lovely ChicReward that I stalked on Chictopia until it was redeemable.
I'm not sure if it's too large
It covers a good portion of my fingers, but it's so ridiculous that I kind of love it.
I think life sometimes need a good dose of crazy, right?

D.I.Y. leopard turban. Thrifted jacket, lace top, skirt.
Joe Fresh leather double belt. Dollar Store sheer tights.
Bamboo ankle booties. House of Harlow ring (from ChicRewards).


Jenni said...

Love this--especially that amazing blazer!

Jasmine P said...

So cute!! Love everything

Unknown said...

You look gorgeous! I love this blazer on you! And the mixed prints of skirt and headband are so cool :)


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