Thursday, September 30, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours.

It feels like every day I am telling you guys about another feature...
I hope you're not sick of it yet, I know it's still exciting to me!
This time I'm on the ModCloth blog!
The sweetest part is I would most definitely wear all the items picked to "recreate" my look.
Especially that skirt!
Thanks again to ModCloth for contacting me :)

pic: the sartorialist


Jodi said...

Hey Lydia.. HI from Victoria.. just across the water!! I just saw your profile o the ModCloth blog and thought I would drop by since it said you were Canadian

I am fairly new to blogging and just like to connect, plus you have a great blog!! Congrats on being profiled too!!!


Jessica said...

I saw you featured in Modcloth a couple of times and decided to take a peak. You have a great blog, i enjoyed reading it, you are definetly going to become one of my fashion blogger favorites, your outfits are so cute. Keep up the good work.

Tea Joeli said...

great blog i love the pics:)



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