Sunday, September 5, 2010

Notes on a Scandal!

I know that you dear readers aren't used to me wearing anything overtly sensual, but when Mitzi invited me to the Autolux concert, I knew I had the perfect thing to wear!
I recieved this bodysuit from Chictopia as a Chic Reward about a year ago, but I've always been a little hesitant to wear it, due to it's cheeky sheer panel. It's definitely not a "going to Grandma's" peice!
We had so so much fun that night! MitziCocoa looked amazing as always in black lace and we were delightfully coordinating, semi-intentionally. We found ourselves in the midst of mild ramble-rousing, which consisted of a bottle of white wine and some half cooked midnight Pizza Pops.
They were still doughy (oops...) I won't forget this one!

American Apparel bodysuit (c/o of Chictopia). Old Navy skirt and shoes.
Joe Fresh Style sheer seamed trouser socks.


hannah and landon said...

holy babe-town!!

MlleTrenDy said...

Love your blog and your style ! Yout're fearless :-) Definitely following !

origami said...

You both look fantastic! I love that top on you. :)

Unknown said...

I've just seen these pictures on Chictopia. You are both lovely ! Nice bodysuit !

Unknown said...

I love you. I love us. I love Autolux. I love working computer. I don't love eating frozen pizza pops... or do I?

Anna G said...

You're so brave. I have issues with showing too much also. You look so amazing in that bodysuit. I'm following you now!


Amazing skin, lippy, hair and lace body!

Cool head bow too, suits ya. x

Rebecca Jane said...

You gals are fabulous.


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