Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some Cravings.

The air is getting crisper, and although I favour the warmth of the summer sun, I have to accept that fall is creeping in. With it comes a whole new conundrum: what to wear when it's too cold for bare legs, but too warm for woolen everything.
This is where the internet comes in handy!
Here is my short list of what I am dreaming of for fall...
And yes, I will soon be the proud owner of that white turban :)
I am counting down the days.

Forever 21: Heart Socks

Clever Nettle: Southwestern Printed Jacket

Modcloth: Inviting You To Play Dress

Turning Violet Vintage: Vintage Creme Turban

MitziCocoa is Ready, Able in a faux fur collar!

Lisa Zain: Bone Leather Laceups



Jenni said...

I love that jacket! I watched The Big Lebowski the other day and I've been craving something printed like that pretty strongly since then.

Rebecca Jane said...

Those lace-ups are fantastically great

Shelby said...

yum! all these things are great. i love the jacket from clever nettle


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