Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sunny Thoughts.

I'm in full spring mode!
Looking at all the goodies at UO, I'm getting inspired.
Now remembering how I love sweetheart necklines... and
how sick are the polka dot Cheap Mondays?
I can't wait for all the D.I.Ys this summer, keep your eyes peeled!

P.S. Now that I'm done classes, there will be a long overdue
whistle. update coming very soon (before Sunday)!
Expect spring prints & fresh denim :)


Shelby said...

I love the red dress and the cheap mondays...your inspiration is so inspirational!

TheMinx said...

mmm, love the drapey floral dress- great picks :)

Claudia said...

all of this stuff is too die for ahhhh if only i could buy it all

The Stylish Wanderer said...

oh gosh its all so pretty

Sarah said...

I love the cheap mondays.
They're (dare I say)...circus clown chic?



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