Saturday, April 11, 2009


Crystal Renn is one model who makes me feel beautiful
without changing anything. Like an ancient goddess come to life,
she's both captivating and devastating. Most recently seen in
the Aussie edition of Harper's Bazaar and Stateside in Glamour,
she's getting more and more work :)

pics: fashionspot, refinery29


liana said...

i remember reading an article on her years ago...she battled with anorexia and used to be so thin like the rest of the models. but she exercised so much and only really ate crackers she didnt have enough energy to model and the clothes that were so tiny were too big for her. so she stopped, got healthy and now...she is more beautiful!! and a great model.

Claudia said...

shes so beautiful

Six Six Sick said...

I think these images are beautiful, and I hope to see her, and more girls her size in editorials. She's stunning.


The Stylish Wanderer said...


Anonymous said...

thanks for this, i didn't know about her but i just did the old google trick and read up on this beautiful woman. i love your blog, you're a babe!!

industry bitch said...

absolutely beautiful

triangle eyes said...

Nothing to say other than gorgeous!! Such a beautiful lady, she looks amazing, especially in the first dress.

TheMinx said...

omg she's GORGEOUS. Totally inspirational.


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