Saturday, January 10, 2009


So I am basically waiting for the CEO of AA to write me a "Cease and Desist" email since I
keep ripping them off with stuff I sew at home.
I would have never in a MILLION years thought to even try on the knit pencil skirt whilst window-shopping at AA BUT I managed to use some of my recently acquired creme jersey and make one using a skirt I already own as the basis. It turned out far more flattering (and oddly likeable) than I expected! I will definitely be making this in darker colors, with a few updates (a little shorter? hemmed? better waist?)'s very exciting! This outfit probably could have used some heels, but I was running around doing random errands on Thursday.

Thrifted boots, socks, cardigan. Handmade skirt. AE tights and tee.

P.S. I think I need more heels. And this outfit subliminally stole from this one...

P.P.S. Tiger says hi.


cavaan said...

haha i actually giggled when i read "P.S. I think I need more heels. And this outfit subliminally stole from this one..."

lol, but you did a great job. you have too many cardigans, we should share. =p

le mode said...

this might sound wierd
but you look so great!!!
i think you lost some weight!!!
oh man so tell me your secrects!!!
and i love your skirt,
i would love one in black i love it
you gootta make me one!!!

The Glam Life said...

Your loosing weight, how great is that for 2009!!! I love, love, love that skirt too, is there anyway I can get you to make me one?!?!?! I have money:-)

Fashion Trend Guide said...

Great outfit, especially the cute blue socks!

Biru said...

I felt like I needed more heels too and I got some! Finally! Yay!

I like your style :D


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