Thursday, April 16, 2015

#TBT: Never Forget Marvin's Room.

It's true: I've got a decent Drake obsession. I had to come to terms with my fandom when I almost cried after recieving a Drake tee for my b-day, ha ha. I was more than ecstatic that Hannah and I found this wall's graffiti when we went for chicken and waffles in late winter. Felt like Aubrey left it there for me, you know?

photos by Hannah.

PS. Still got this on repeat.

On me: Vintage wool coat | J. Crew denim shirt | Old Navy striped tee, plaid pants
ASOS boots | Clearly Contacts glasses

On Hannah: Garage jean jacket | Topshop jeans | 8th & Main shirt
Roberta's Hats porkpie hat | H&M shoes


Claire said...

ah I love both outfits, and I love drake!!

Kimberly Malone Crossley said...

I love this, the whole pallet and outfit and wall and uggh I LOVE IT :D brilliant blog, always brightens my day xxx

Sarah DeBoice said...

Rad graffiti and such a great outfit! Those plaid pants are especially awesome. :) Love your style as always.


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