Friday, January 9, 2015

Keep Comin' Back To It Incessantly.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had a good one. I managed to leave the house (after much internal convincing) and had a splendid night which ended in a smorgasbord of chicken wings :D

I don't really regard January 1st as the start of the year. For me, I typically set resolutions/evaluate my life and reflect on the past year around my birthday, which is September 8th. It doesn't hurt to assess where you are at when December 31st rolls around, though. Lately, I've been feeling like I'm due for an update, slowly making changes in various arenas of my life... Sometimes you have to recalibrate, you know? Bigger and better in 2015.

These photos are technically from 2014, but I couldn't help but share them! Grace was behind the lens for these ones. One of the things I admire the most about Grace is her innate ability to create an image. These were taken in a matter of minutes, but the visual impact resonates. I'm lucky to have such a inspiring pal!

As for what I am wearing... this silk "duster" coat was picked up in the "bath" section of a local thrift store. $5 later and I've been rockin' this housecoat ever since. Sidenote: the lip motif on the Monki socks gives me all kinds of Dali feelings.

Thrifted duster | Talula dagger sweater | Community Thrift shirt
Old Navy "Rockstar" jeans | Monki socks | Zara oxfords
Wilfred hat | Clearly Contacts glasses


Laura Whitman said...

You look great! The striped shirt underneath is the perfect touch and those jeans look like they were made for you!

Glad that you had a good New Year!



laura chambray and curls said...

The backdrop here is so perfect for making everything so... zingy in these photos, it is gorgeous. I am totally lusting over those shoes of yours, I'm too much of a magpie to be able to scroll past those shiny beauties. Happy New Year Lydia!


Chambray & Curls

Mariah said...

I love how your mostly white ensemble stands out against the bright blue background. Those silver shoes are to die for! I have a pair of coppery gold penny loafers myself :)

Theatricality by Mariah

Lizard Queen said...

those glasses are amaaazing!

Beth Maiden said...

I'm thinking of starting to collect tarot-related clothing, and your ACE sword-in-the-heart jumper is totally floating my boat.. where's it from?


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