Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You Came Back To Me.

Exciting news: LAPTOP IS BACK. Fingers crossed that it is back for good. Which means lots of regular posting!!! I'd become used to not having a computer, so it's a little strange to get back into the swing of things as far as posting goes. I'm excited for what's to come...June promises to be a lovely month for Style is Style.

As far as life-related news, I am feeling far less angsty at the moment. I've started going to the gym again (after a long haitus) and that seems to help lift my mood. This summer will likely be ripe with change (possibly a new job and a new neighborhood, among other things), and I was feeling pretty anxious about that. I have calmed a bit and feel a little more at ease...

Fashion Capsule has been a lovely discovery of mine in the past few months. Since I was invited to the spring preview at Violet Hill, I've been exposed to several local designers and bloggers who I was otherwise unaware of. I hopped down to Chinatown to pop into Fashion Capsule last week and preview some F/W 2012 collections. I'm not much of a jewelery girl, but I am always drawn to pieces reminiscent of Art Deco, so naturally the geometric wares of Wasted Effort caught my eye. I am head over heels for Gaya's dreamy bags, I can say I could easy own the entire collection. Unfussy, classic construction paired with delectable colorways, these ladies are surely headed for greatness.

My outfit was, in hindsight, subliminally inspired by an outfit that sort of lingered in the back of my mind for quite some time. It's from the Sartorialist, way back in '09, you can see it here. I admired how the outfit was mostly candy soft tones, but didn't come across as too fluffy or saccharine. My version is admittedly sweeter, more twee perhaps.

Thrifted jacket, blouse, belt, shoes | H&M dress worn as a skirt
DIY velvet bowtie | UO tights 


Liynn_b said...

earings are beautiful almost makes me wnt to get my ears pierced !

Tamina said...

where are the earrings from?

lokello said...

Crystal Lee said...

very cute! I can never get enough of pastel. 

Lost in the Haze said...

Hooray, I'm so glad your laptop has returned! And your ruffle skirt is beaaautiful!
xLost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog


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