Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Style Like U.

Style Like U sounds a wee bit like a dream... The premise: meeting with stylish folks in their home, documenting their wardrobe and living space. I can't remember quite when I started reading it (a couple years ago I think) so it's a bit surprising I hadn't featured them on Style is Style yet.  Consistently inspiring, StyleLikeU provides an intimate look at dozens of diverse, eclectic and intellectual dressers. I've been added to their "Links We Love", so what better time to feature an amazing corner of the web?

Some of my favorite closets are Saga Sig, Diane Naegel, Samantha Pleet, Sarah Sophie Flicker and Hannah and Landon and many, many more... so many that it would be a post in itself. Check out Style Like U (and the book as well), you won't be disappointed!

Thanks to Style Like U for including me as a daily read.

all photos from Style Like U


Hayley said...

I adore that very first picture! The colour, the print, is so flawless!!


Bluedustcollector said...

great pictures, really huge inspiration! :-) LOVELY!

April said...

ohh man this is good. I've been browsing for so long! this is going to be a new daily read for me (along with you of course!) 


April said...

p.s. I just started my own blog, it's check it out if you wish! 


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