Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sitting At The Top.

For my mother's birthday celebrations, the family (and Tim, my boyfriend) all piled into the car and headed to Cloud Nine Revolving Restaurant in Vancouver.
It was a little overcast (and my batteries died when we were facing the sunset!) but the view was still lovely, and the food was delicious.
I'd recommend this spot to anyone who gets the chance to see our gorgeous city.
Oh, and say hello to my bad hair day chic-ifier...the leopard turban headband.
You'll be seeing more of it, I assure you.

H&M dress. Fletcher by Lyell coat.
Joe polka dot tights. Bamboo pleather booties.
whistle. leopard turban headband.


argente said...

you always look amazing!

Wangari said...

You look adorable and so does your lovely family. And that foods looks delicious!

hannah, heart city said...

looks super yummy! and your bf is a major qt ;-)

ruya tabirleri said...

your work is awesomely awesome. thanks for sharing :]

vivian the koneko kitten said...

i adore your dress and the food looks delicious. i hope your mother had a wonderful birthday :]

Celomet said...

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