Friday, May 14, 2010

California Love.

I've got serious love for Erin of CaliVintage.
She's got style in spades, and I was lucky enough to be feature in her latest outfit favourites post. If you don't already read her blog, you most certainly should check it out. She's always inspiring, without fail!

Thanks, Erin for the lovely words!


Rebecca said...

Well done!! Cali has great taste - and so do you :)

Unknown said...

Re: comment on my socks: they are from Jacob, and they come with a pink bow which I cut off and they have a pink stripe around the top, which I folded under.

Nice post on Calivintage!

Nessie McInness said...

eeep congratulations! actually i found you on there, i've been following you on flickr for a while now, but it was only then i realised you had a blog^^

Melbourne Relocation companies said...

You have a great taste too. Congratulations!

Celomet said...

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