Friday, September 25, 2009


I have this obsession with capes. I am dying to find the perfect one (that Red Riding Hood feature in Vogue nearly killed me, as did watching the movie The Village), but still no luck after years of thrifting and searching. I also have a thing for the colors royal and electric blue, which are by far my favourite colors. So of course, luck would have Mary Kate wearing an electric/royal blue cape/jacket/dress thing. I'm super jealous.



calivintage said...

i am seriously considering this cape despite the price tag:

Rebecca said...

I feel your pain, I have been on the hunt forever it seems. I bought a red plaid swing coat from victoria's secret on impulse last winter. Sadly I haven't came up with an original outfit to pair it with yet. I need a real cape.

Alison Hartford said...

Trust an Olsen to pull off something only ever seen on retirees in Florida. And pantsless no less.

Rebecca said...

Capes are really REALLY easy to create though. I'm sure any local seamstress to you could whip up your dream cape if you can find him/her the materials for it.


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