Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Expect to see me in tons of patterned tights this fall,
they are my new favourite outfit pick me up!
Seriously, they make pretty much every outfit infinitely better (or at least cooler).

Thrifted boots. Hot Topic tights. Self made circle scarf turned skirt.
Gap cardigan. Mickey Tee from high school.


BB said...

I am in total and complete LOVE over your scarf turned skirt. What a creative little genius you are! Oh. Love.

As for the whole 'tights crush.' I'm right there with you. I intend to make them part of my wintry uniform for here in Utah.

Anonymous said...

That red skirt is so beautiful!!!

calivintage said...

yes! me too! you are perfect fall inspiration lydia! :) :) :)

Carrie Does Things said...

This skirt is amazing! Could you make a tutorial? :D

Claudia said...


Nia said...

LOVE the skirt (circle scarf?? no way!)!!


Diane said...

Love this outfit! The lace tights are so awesome, as well as that Mickey Mouse tee!

Anonymous said...

love the skirt L please do make a tutorial im tryin to make one know lol


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