Friday, September 25, 2009

Oregon Trail.

My sister, mom and I went to Portland during the summer...
I must say, it remains one of my favourite cities. Every time I'm there, I feel like I'm at home.
Grace and I went on a little adventure in a part of the city which we hadn't been to before, and discovered a new favourite neighbourhood.
We also visited these beautiful Chinese gardens, which are buried in the middle of the city. I highly recommend them as a perfectly relaxing escape. Enough rambling, here's some pictures!


calivintage said...

omg too cute! i wanna hang out with you guys! ;)

Mia Tee said...

Great pictures!


Sondra said...

Nice pics! Your tight are rather epic as well. ;D

Claire Geist said...

those might just be the sickest tights in existance

props, dear you look great!


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