Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yeah, I finally did the swedish thing...
Loving the whole oversized shirt as skirt/dress/whatever.
I think I'll pair this with tights and knee socks come fall.
And more layers.

I wore this when I randomly went to the gas station last night so my little brother and sister could get free slushies from their friend.
It ended up that my dad's car died, we tried to start it for about an hour and we had to get driven home by the friend.

Shirt: Value Village
Top: Ricki's
Cardi: Zara
Shoes: Value Village

ps. I'm gone to Portland until Sunday night. See you when I get back!


Paris Tarts said...

Cute :)


Sam said...

I would have never come up to this idea, if I haven't saw you wearing a oversized shirt as a skirt. I'm really liking that idea and it looks really cute on you!

Ivy Frozen said...

They fooled me. I always thought those were actual skirts, not shirts worn as skirts. I might have to give it a try too after this fabulous argument you made for it. Great ensemble!

Hannah Bee said...

I really like how you did the skirt. I would have never thought to do that!

Cammila said...

Wow, that does look cute. I keep holding out, thinking I'll look silly!


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