Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Alicia Fashionista.

I had the pleasure of styling Alicia Fashionista on a collaboration for Front & Company (my workplace), and I can't help but share some of the photos here. To say that Alicia is a joy to work with would be a grand understatement... It was an afternoon of giggles and good times, for sure. I don't know anyone who is able to pose at the drop of a hat quite like this lovely lady!

You can enter to win $100 for Front & Co by leaving a comment on our finished post (contest ends at midnight tonight, so hurry)!

All clothing from Front & Company, styled by me.


Mandisa! said...

Love your blog! That's why I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Check out my post for more info :) http://bit.ly/1nvvNS5

Margot Meanie said...

I'm so used to seeing bloggers from LA, New York, London, Paris and Melbourne. The closest to home always seems to be the Toronto blogs, so it's really awesome to be seeing Vancouver based blogs and finding more Van bloggers!!



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