Monday, June 16, 2014


My silence(ish) of the past few months has not been without reason. Life, as it does, has created cause for interuption. A variety of things, but the most significant one being a period of self reflection. Exploring the ideas of who I am, who I desire to be, and what I desire from this space. Ideas that can't be solved with a simple yes or no. A side-effect of being in my mid-twenties, I suppose.

Not to say that my love of fashion is waning, but my relationship with fashion (and what it represnts) continues to shift as I change.

Volta is one of my favourite musical and literary terms, and it's the only way I can describe what's happening now. The external markers may be small, but sometimes change moves under the surface. The funny thing about change is its capability to sneak up on you and leave a mark so dense that nothing was the same. Kind of knocks you on your feet, you know?

MinkPink sweater | Vintage dress (worn as skirt)
Ardene sunglasses | Monki lip print socks
C/O Loly in the Sky "Claire " wedges

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Nomali said...

I love you in this. I hope you're changing for the better and that you're more fulfilled than ever before. I also hope that this space doesn't cease to exist. I would be sad.



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