Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Looking Back, It's Crystal Clear.

When I am in a style rut, or when I'm in a rush and have to look decent-ish, I default to a palette of black and white. It's the easiest to navigate when you have a wardrobe which is mostly a hodgepodge of eclectic colors and patterns.  Speaking of which I'm in the process of building the basics in my closet, so if you have any leads, help a girl out!

I'm wearing two pieces in this outfit that I snagged from my pal Adriana. Even though our styles differ immensely, there is always a magical overlap which results in each of us swapping articles of clothing, which is a very ideal situation!

Photos by Grace.
Vintage jacket, Aldo boots (from Adriana) | Thrifted black silk shirt, polka dot skirt
Joe Fresh sheer tights | H&M round sunglasses


Jamie Rose said...

I love a good black and white outfit with a fun mix of print. It always works! I know what you mean about basics though. I've been trying to snatch up as many basic things as I can. It just makes it easier to remix all the cooler items in your wardrobe when you have a solid foundation of basic clothes.

Hannah said...

My default is usually anything I can pair with red lipstick - so mostly black! So I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm still filling my closet with basics as well, just so I can make those lazy days even easier to dress for.

Laura Whitman said...

You always look so elegant! That skirt is just a dream! I've been reaching for darker colors too, it just takes less effort.




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