Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Maybe We Can Get Away.

In mid-August, Mom and I took a trip down to Seattle for a night. I wish it could have been a bit longer, but it was so lovely to escape daily worries and responsibilities, even if it was only for 36 hours. The other great thing about the trip was a chance to hang out with my mama (who is a pretty awesome lady, in my humble opinion). I don't see her as much since I live away from home, so I appreciate the chances we have to hang out. Click through for more from our trip...

We decided to check out the Capitol Hill area, and I promptly fell in love. With some of the loveliest houses I've ever seen, I was almost convinced to pack up my house here in Vancouver and relocate. An overcast afternoon was spent exploring Volunteer Park, which even on a gray day was a quaint spot. Afterwards we did an obligatory coffee stop at OddFellows, and a (very brief) pop in at Totokaelo. OddFellows is gorgeous, housed in a heritage building; the open space and exposed brick made for a cozy spot to sip espresso. Totokaelo houses some of the most exquisite labels I've seen; it's a mandatory stop for any fashion lover visiting Seattle. Of course, my only complaints from the trip is not having enough time to stop and enjoy everything for longer. Hopefully I'll get a chance to sneak away to Seattle again soon!

Thrifted polka dot denim jacket, woven oxfords | C/O Eshakti gingham dress | Gap Panama hat


Kristian Olson said...

You look stunning in mint green, and I love the cut of the dress!

Postsimian said...

Your mom is beautiful and glad to hear you enjoyed your trip! I love visiting places with my mom as well.

Neon Michelle said...

Lovely! Your dress is so pretty (and so is your mom!).

Crystal Lee said...

I love Seattle. Now I want to go back and check out Volunteer park. Your mom is so cute! I love your thrifted polka dot denim jacket; it's so cheerful.

Sarah Anne said...

Ah, your mother is just as precious as you are!! Ps, you're freakin' adorable and I wanna steal that dress from you, heh!


Laura Whitman said...

These pictures are just so adorable! You and your mom are the best - both of your dresses are gorgeous.





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