Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stripes On Stripes On Stripes.

I know it sounds like promotional BS, but I genuinely love this dress. It's so easy to wear, and I love pretending it's a skirt and layering tops over and under it. Lately I have been shamelessly pattern mixing, almost to the point of obnoxiousness. Who doesn't love 3x the stripes?

Thrifted coat, sweater, shoes | C/O ModCloth Style Is Style dress
AA tights | Community Thrift + Vintage wool toque | Gifted sunglasses from Allie


Callie said...

Loveeeeee it!

Chaucee said...

That dress is amazing and I love the cobalt blue with it! I'm a little smitten with stripes (hence my blog name) :P

Bibi Dublavé said...

Bold, yet charming. YES, darlin', YES.

Lauren S said...

I LOVE this! I never would have come up with this myself, but it looks so divine. Like you just walked right out of a cute little watercolor. :)

Linda Famularcano said...

I really need to start pattern mixing. Love your dress xx

Liked this post on Bloglovin <3


Juan Fernandez said...

Hey, yo no conocía tu blog y me parece estupendo. Me quedo aquí ya mismo. Espero le eches un vistazo al mio y quizás podamos seguirnos. Un abrazo Inmenso http://jualferx.blogspot.com/2013/04/stripes-and-stripes.html


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