Friday, November 30, 2012

Cotte D'Armes.

Cotte D'Armes is a NYC based denim label which has taken residence in the Chinatown Experiment space for most of December. I was invited to the launch of said pop-up shop without prior knowledge of the location or the label, but in the end they made a denim convert out of this faithful frock wearer. There was champy, and treats as well as an amazing soundtrack courtesy of DJ ANA. Mc'Kenneth and I even took a little dance break that night, yet another reason why I love running into to him!

Clarence Ruth is the embodiment of the laid back, structured comfort of his line, which he has been designing for 5 seasons now. Inspired by a military aesthetic, Ruth spoke to the fact that he is a cotte d'armes (coat of arms in English) to his parents, who both had a military background. The pieces are easy to wear, but not without detail and charm. A subtle sense of eclecticism is expressed through slim cuts with drop crotches, a unique fly/button yoke which is all one piece, and the use of leathers and contrasting textiles in addition to the denim. My personal favourite pieces were the button down, collared tees and tops, which lend themselves so wonderfully to curated but unfussy aesthetic. Perfecting androgynous ease, I can only hope that there are great days ahead for this outstanding designer.

Thrifted skirt, belt, coat | UO hat, shoes | Chosen Ones Sale vintage top


Christina Catherine Martinez said...

I'm always THISCLOSE to buying those shoes whenever I see them at Urban... I love that you used different colored laces<3

Megan Butcher said...

Love the volume and drama of this outfit, especially the hat and shoes - so pretty! :)

<3 Megan

Erin Thomas said...

i love your outfit! i am so sad that there was no photo of you in jeans though! a girl can dream.

kristian satterlee said...

I love the outfit- especially the hat. Its darling.


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