Tuesday, November 6, 2012

And The World Spins Madly On.

You might look at today's outfit and wonder: Lydia? In pants?!? I had swore again most garments with legs (barring rompers and shorts), but working in a clothing store 5 days a week has made me reconsider my wardrobe. Some days end up being far more casual than what I used to typically wear, but it's been nice to get some use out of the vintage tees that I have been collecting.

I was inspired to start looking for pants/jeans again by this outfit of Gabi's. Of course, the first pair of "jeans" I bought after 2.5 years of no pants are bright orange and a little obnoxious. I'm not sure they even count as pants since they are essentially jeggings with real looking pockets... Regardless, I am now trying to get back into the idea of wearing jeans, even though I find it a challenge to style them. I've even bought a pair of dark wash skinnys. Perhaps there will be pants for me after all.

Chosen Ones cardigan | F As In Frank Alley Sale tee | Gap jeans | Front and Co boots
Thrifted umbrella


katie dixon said...

WORRRRRK. Love you and love those pants ;)

Justine Navarro said...

Pants look great on you!
(No matter how I word that, it still sounds like an awkward thing to say to a person - nevertheless, it's true!)

Shopaholic Sheryl said...

I was afraid to give into the colored skinny jean trend, but found a great pair this past spring at DKNY. They're a nice coral color which I've retired for now, but look forward to bringing out again next year!

callie said...

I think you look great in coloured jeans I spend my life in leggings and tights so I feel you lol! x


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