Monday, October 29, 2012

One Fine Day.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending a Saturday off eating yummy baked goods, hanging out with Leonie and some ladies for her pre-birthday celebration. Her puppy Peanut is beyond adorable. Chocolate covered waffles are the best/worst idea.

Community Thrift & Vintage dress | Thrifted blouse, belt | UO straw hat, trench
H&M sunnies | ASOS ankle boots


Erin Thomas said...

eeeeeeeee! that shirt! that puppy!

Meg Smitherman said...

This is SUCH a cool look! Those sunglasses are ace! And aaahhh puppyyyyy.

toizelle said...

:) I like this bright response to cooler temperatures. Also, with that boss trench you look like a really cool 'gumshoe' stylish sherlock holmes-y bad grl XD


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