Monday, January 16, 2012

Turn Our Golden Faces To The Sun.

Another summery backpost. There is currently snow on the ground, I really wish it was still this warm! I wore these flats for the tail end of summer, not the best thing for my feet, but so cute! The perfect marriage of sandal and flats.

USED House of Vintage top | Thrifted belt, vest, skirt | DIY floral crown
Ecote flats | Gift from Adam's Mom vintage sunglasses


Caitlin of doverpeak said...

You look so summery and fresh! Lovely! Also, I love that 4th picture. :)

Deejay Speaks said...

this look makes me miss summer so much I could almost cry, but I won't because it's also very cute and made me smile :)

Tevvy said...

Really love this looks. such a cute headband!
how are you btw? Remember me?

if not... let me refresh your memory!

Unknown said...

The drape on that floral top is phenomenal. I dig! Also, you are perpetually inspiring me to wear my sheer light-coloured skirt. You look amazing!

M said...

And I sooooo wish it was warm enough where I am to wear something like it. Siiiiigh.

So What If I Like Pretty Things

mispapelicos said...

I think you are absolutely gorgeous, and I am adding you to my blogroll this second, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
have a grand weekend.


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