Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Danger Angels.

Some might say I am a bit of a magazine junkie, and I wouldn't disagree. But, in light of one of my New Year's Resolutions, I recently got rid of 3+ boxes of magazines that I had stockpiled in my year of school. I ripped out all the editorials and images I wanted to keep for my inspiration binders, and a spread in Paper magazine particularly caught my eye. I was enamored with the way that couture pieces were made to be just a part of the narrative, not the center peice. I had all but forgotten about it until a photo from the spread popped up on my Tumblr dashboard. I've chosen some of my favorite images from the shoot, but you should click through and view the whole spread. I have major love for Autumn De Wilde's photography, and Shirley Kurata is quickly becoming one of my style (and styling) icons.


Cátia Sousa said...

Nice post and what a beautiful blog!
I will follow right now dear!

Cátia Sousa

Lydia Armstrong said...

This is fantastic. I love the second shot.

Unknown said...

So much going on and it is all SO GOOD.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I like everything about this. The model, the styling, the colors, the photographic style, STEVE MCQUEEN (my boy).

Cool post, I've never heard of that magazine, I will have to check it out.

:) Bye!

M said...

Can't believe it, but I'd never seen this shoot before. It's so memorable and gorgeous. Thanks for posting!

So What If I Like Pretty Things

zishami9 said...

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Macrolancer Admin said...

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