Friday, October 21, 2011

Blogger Date.

I love hanging out with Zoë! Yesterday we ate at Lucy's, roamed Main street and mused about blogging and life. Our day consisted of mowing down on really delicious food, checking out lovely vintage and singing along to BSB (okay, that last part was just me...) It's a pretty wonderful thing that something like blogging led me to meet a new friend, especially one who I've hit it off so well with. I tend to find that hanging with fellow bloggers, I get so busy chatting I forget to properly document. I apologize for the lack of photos, it just means we were having a good time! Can't wait to see her again, and so stoked that we live in the same city!!! Here's to friendship & happy times!

Thrifted tee, skirt, belt, lipstick print scarf, oxfords | UO tights


Karen said...

I feel like crying when I read your post, lol. I used to live in Vancouver very close to main st and used to eat at Lucy's too. Well too bad I'm in Mexico now and so happy to read your post.
Have an awesome weekend.
Kisses XX

Isabel, Wake up & smell the azahar said...

Lovely outfit, you have a great taste to mix.

Zoë, Lion Heart Vintage said...

Yaaay! Loved hangin out with you too lady! And yeah, next time we have to take more photos for sure. *note to self*

BSB will forever remind me of you...

Unknown said...

How fun! I love the mugged mug :)


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