Friday, October 14, 2011

The Best Days.

With such a busy schedule this school year, I've got a new appreciation for the little pockets of time I get to spend with those I love. Perfect example? An afternoon spent musing, eating monster cheap sushi, drinking bubble tea and taking photos with Marisa and Julian. I have said it a million times, but I am super glad to have been so lucky as to meet these two! Friends 4EVA.

Thrifted hat | Waldorf Vintage Sale dress | Gift from Kate blouse
H&M socks | Kork-Ease Ava wedges


JBriggs said...


Shelby said...

love this outfit and i wish i had cool stylish friends like you!

Anonymous said...

i want to be yo friendz too

Ashley Evane said...

awww yall are matching
That is toooooadorable
You guys look so cute together
I especially love Julian's outfit,
Very chic punk

Unknown said...

I am mentally photoshopping myself into your day. Love.... or creeper?

Unknown said...

PS. That blue hat? ADORABLE. LIKE YOU.

Dee said...

those creepers are awesome.


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