Tuesday, July 5, 2011

She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

Our teacher brought in memorabilia for the 1960s portion of our fashion history class. Marisa brought her favorite Beatle (George) and my favorite Beatle (Ringo) together on a Beatle scarf. This is why we are friends...

Thrifted silk blouse.
H&M dress (as skirt).
American Eagle necklace.
Hot Topic lace tights.
Vintage boots from Adam's mom!


Fowzia Madar said...

i love the color! the shoes are amazing,


dear winsome said...

I'm obsessed with the beatles and I love the lace with these amazing shoes!


Shelby said...

i love those colours together! so nice!


Unknown said...

Those boots look amazing with the lace tights. Awesome color scheme in this outfit!

Anonymous said...

to funny my favorite beatles are George and Ringo in that order!


Thick Threads said...

I love this outfit! cant get enough of it! want more of it! hahaha youre looking so great!


SewChrissy said...

I really like your blog! you should check out my blog! sewchrissy.blogspot.com

Allie said...

That color looks amazing on you!



Claire M. said...

Lovely shoes!

MILK said...

woww gorgeous scarf. so pop art ish :)

Unknown said...

Blouse tied over a full skirt?! So '50's, so amazing. I must try this. Also, booties foreverrrrrrrrrr.

Your use of colour boggles my mind.

PS. John is my fav. Beatle by far!

Thumy Phan said...

I just wanted to say I love your blog. :] You're gorgeous! Also, I was looking at StyleQuotient and you were on there! Not sure if you ever knew about it so I just wanted to include the link here.

You're blog is amazing. Keep up the amazing job!


Jen said...

love the pairing of two similar colours, I've been doin that a lot lately.

Jen xx

Mariel Torres said...

Loving the color darling! It looks stunning on you :)


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