Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bait Car.

Silly photos by silly "bait car" murals, in a parking garage.

Thrifted dress, belt.
Icing by Claire's flower pin.
H&M high socks.
Jellypop Daydream wedges.


Shelby said...

lol i love that last picture. so adorable.

Unknown said...

You're so cute! I love these pictures. The dress looks great on you and I adore the flower in your hair. Amazing shoes too!

So Yeah So said...

Hah! That last one is so freaking cute. I totally adore that dress, too.

So Yeah...So

That Small Town Hipster Girl said...

That looks like some Banksy work. Where are you?

Amy Smith said...

Those socks look very nice on you.
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prom dresses said...

That blue dress sure looks nice on you. A bit progressive in retro taste, but good nonetheless.


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