Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sleepy Time.

I don't know if any of you fellow bloggers feel this, but sometimes I doubt whether or not an outfit is "post worthy". Most of the time, if I've taken the time to document the outfit, it ends up on here, even if I think it's a little boring. After all, this is a forum to share what I wear daily, not just the outfits I really like, right? I kind of feel like this one of those, but hopefully it doesn't put you to sleep.

Thrifted suspender skirt. AA rummage sale sheer Big T.
H&M shoes.

PS. If you live in NYC, I highly suggest you hit up R29 Reserve. Frock NYC has an amazing 60% off voucher that I really wish I could buy... if only I lived in the Big Apple!!!


annikaherz said...

wow-i love the shoes !!!

Honor said...

I love suspender dresses, I find they go better with different clothes rather than a regular skirt just because they have straps, I don't know how that works though

Anonymous said...

there's nothing sleepy about those hot shoes!!

Rachel said...

Those shoes are fantastic, they look like a pair of Harajuku Lovers I wanted. :D

Unknown said...

i like this! it's like a uniform dress, but with a cool print!

Unknown said...

I know what you mean but this outfit is definately not blah! Sometimes its funny- something you love can get a meh response and something you wondered about gets a great one. You look very cute


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