Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shake, Shimmy and Shout.

It's been a while since I've done one of these...
I apologize profusely for the chaotic state of life I'm in.
New city, new job and lots of new experiences!
But I am having a lot of fun :)

This outfit post is an oldie, back when my friend Adam had his super sick pompadour.
Circumstances lead to it's demise (sweltering heat) but wasn't it just the most delicious thing you've seen?
I love a good pomp!
A bajillion thanks to Valerie for the lovely Nenee Cupcake skirt she sent in our exchange!
It is my staple "going out" skirt, and I feel amazing everytime I wear it.

PS. The last photo is a "Miss Cleo" type pose, just for all of you ;)

Nenee skirt. H&M top.
Old Navy shoes. Claire's flower.


origami said...

Fabulous outfit. And yes, the hair on your friend is super! Glad to see you posting again. Can't wait to see more. :)

origami said...

Whoops - I forgot to mention: I love the grey flower in your hair. It is absolutely darling. I have short hair as well and have a few flowers like that but I'm never quite sure how to wear them. I guess I'm not sure if they look right with my hair. So you've inspired me!

Kookie B. said...

super adorable look!!!



Love the skirt (frills and peplums are the best) and also the headpiece :)


Valerie said...

Labyu labyu Lydia^_^

you're hair is just as awesome as your pal's!

Valerie said...

doh! *Your :P

BB said...

this outfit is all sorts of girlie-girl fantabulousness - i can't get over how adorable you look in it and how much i wish i had that skirt too!


Meg! said...

Ah, I love that pompadour! Jeez more men need to have fun hair like that. And I love your skirt; you look adorable in that last photo. ^^

Shelby said...

what a great outfit. you always look so happy!

Melody said...

Goodness. Your skin! I am in awe! I am sooooo jealous. Lovely outfit, simply & cute. Your friend's hair is the business.


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